Helpful Links

Pacetti’s Music

With Musical services provided at this location since 1953, Pacetti’s Maestro of Music is Kenosha’s home of outstanding musical instrument rental, repair, customer service, sales and more! Our emphasis is on Band, Orchestra and Percussion.

Stohrer Music – Youtube

“I repair, sell, and trade saxophones to make a living. I take pride in my work, and I care deeply about what I do.” … “As a repairman, I service all saxophones (and only saxophones), with my specialty being high end, vintage and unusual saxophones done well for picky players.” – Youtube

Designer and maker of instrument repair tools as well as pads and accessories.

Band Director – Youtube

“Band Directors Talk Shop is a community of band directors sharing ideas and learning from each other. Our goal is to produce quality resources for music education students, specifically band students.”

Dr. Selfridge Music – Youtube

“I am a music teacher and I post these videos to help my students learn songs. I’m a professional saxophone player, but I try to demonstrate for my students basic skills of playing all the band instruments. I hope you find these videos helpful.”

Free Bandmate Tuner App

This app is free for everyone and free of all ads. Notes are automatically transposed for your instrument. The tuner is chromatic and includes an enharmonic switch to show flat or sharp.

Web-based Music Software

This is the program for effective practice. Along with seeing the music on the screen, it provides immediate feedback for your students playing. The software has a metronome and tuner, as well. For teachers, it has assessment support and teaching tools. Smartmusic is accessible on computers, chromebooks, and ipads. Starts with a free student version.

Finale Music-Writing Software

Creating music becomes easier with Finale. Easy editing, music playback and sharing all within this software. You can create single sheet music to a full film score. (Does require payment)

Free Web-Based Music-Writing Software

This FREE software includes creating, teaching, sharing, selling and purchase music. Start free or upgrade to premium.