Private Lessons

I recently retired from public school teaching after 28 years in the classroom, and after many years of not teaching private lessons, several years ago I decided to open up a private lesson studio again. In the classroom I taught and played every instrument with confidence. In my private studio I teach trumpet, single reed instruments and flute. While I was born and raised on trumpet, over the decades I’ve developed skill on all the instruments and have led outstanding private students to great performances on trumpet, saxophone and clarinet on stage, in festivals and honors bands.

Currently, my rates are $20 per 1/2 hour lesson. I prefer payment at the beginning of each month and I accept cash, check, or payment through Venmo or Apple Pay.

For the summer of 2022, I am teaching lessons at Pacettis Music (downtown Kenosha, and at my home in Silver Lake, WI. The teaching studios have at Pacettis have been under renovations for some time now, but we are nearly done!!! There is studio space available now, but the full renovations should be complete by August.

In my private lessons, I bring the same personable and child-centered approach that I’ve used in my classroom, along with the instrument specific skills I’ve develop as a performer and as a repair technician. I strive to learn and assess each students strengths and weaknesses and prescribe material to strengthen those weakness and enhance the strengths. Parents should also know that I keep them informed when I feel a student has not been putting in the necessary effort.

If you are interested in private music lessons feel free to contact me through the information on the home page.

You may also head to my private lesson webpage below for more information. Or if you email me I can send you instructions on how to log in and register for lessons.