Join Band

Join Band!!!!! It changed my life and now it’s a part of my life everyday. The first question parents often ask is “how much is it going to cost?”. In today’s economy, adding extra costs to the budget seems impossible. I know. I have four children of my own, and each of them were, or are, a part of their school’s band program. Every dime spent has been worth the investment! Music and the appreciation of music will be with them for the rest of their lives. For beginners, renting the instrument is the way to go. At most quality music stores you can rent an instrument for a dollar per day or less!!! But be careful. Do not ‘rent-to-own’. That is not worth it. Just rent. Also, do NOT go to the internet to purchase an instrument that looks nice. Most are very cheap…..and sound cheap as well. Talk to your school’s band director for advice, or give me a call.

Most students may not have a clue as to what instrument to choose. In KUSD and in most schools across the country your school’s band director will step you through the process of choosing the instrument that’s right for you. You just need to bring some excitement and an open mind to the process. It also helps to watch some videos on each instrument to learn more about what they sound and look like. The link below is a great place to start watching.

Be Part of the Band